Esign Tool

The Esign tool for HP Quality Center Add-In provides features required to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and other standards

Oakston developed based on the functionality that are available in HP Quality Center\ALM to assure the e-Signature implementation. The e-Signatures helps to approve requirements, tests, test sets, runs, and defects. The related workflow can be customized to match your process.

Smart Admin for HP Quality Center\ALM


The folllowing features will be available in the Esign Admin Tools

Test Coverage Test Case to Requirement Mapping Aids in linking Requirements and Test Cases in bulk amount for RTM purpose.
Test Defect QC – QTP Defect Raising Utility Code snippet that adds dynamics to Automation Test Execution (using QTP) in raising defects whilst execution.
Admin Utilities List Generation Utility Consolidated utility to generate Users list of a project, Fields list of a project, fetch visible projects of a logged in user and Drop-down list of a project.
Project Lists Creation Tool Aids in creation/generation of numerous list fields and field values for the project.

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