E learning platform

Professor'n'Student is an e­learning platform to enhance classroom learning, increase efficiency and reduce work for professors. It is cloud based and has used high encryption techniques to secure data. It has been started with the mission to help learners and facilitators get closer breaking the boundaries of time, and geography.

At Professor'n'Student, professors will be able to create a website for their course and invite students to join them with their own accounts. It will give instructors the ability to start and facilitate student discussions, both way upload download assignments, and share class materials. It will allow students to collaborate online, ask and answer each other's questions,share relevant content, and chat with one another. On our platform, professors would be able to online grade and provide feedback to individual students on their respective class page.


Our algorithm

Our algorithm would connect people based on their interests, qualifications, and educational aspirations. It would also connect professors from different universities around the world to share resources, plan events or further their academic interests.

Our mission is to empower students and professors with engaging, effective, and affordable learning platform. We intend to bring the right learners and facilitators close to each other by matching their educational aspirations.

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