Each spreadsheet is unique, depending on the data being analyzed and the outcome to be inferred. For example, your typical income tax calculation spreadsheet would be vastly different to the one analyzing your mortgage payments, which in turn would be different from a spreadsheet that calculates your student loan interest. In short, every unique situation requires a unique spreadsheet model.

On the other hand, creating spreadsheet models is a complicated and specialized skill, if you are someone who just needs to use a spreadsheet, you shouldn't have to spend years learning how to build spreadsheet models, you would rather have an existing model that you can feed your data into and get your results. Spready aims to solve this problem through the power of crowdsourcing.


What's the solution?

Think of Spready like the stackoverflow or wikipedia for Spreadsheet data models, where people with skill and expertise in a particular field can create spreadsheet models that can be used by others. So next time you need to calculate your mortgage payments or if you need to check if your bank is overcharging you on interest, go to Spready and ask for the interest calculator specific to your loan type and bank, just plug in your loan details and voila you will have your answer in a couple of minutes. Whether you need it for personal use or professional, to analyze few lines of data or thousands of data points, all you need to do is ask in Spready for it. There are millions of people using spreadsheets all over the world, there is good chance that someone else has done it already, why reinvent the wheel?

What's the product?

Spready is a social crowdsourcing platform for sourcing, creating and sharing spreadsheet models. Users can got to "Spready" and search for spreadsheet models specific to their need, or post requests about their need, other "Spready" users (from all over the world) can then respond to such requests by uploading the required spreadsheet model.

Who is the User?

The potential users of "Spready" are businesses and industry professionals ranging from finance, marketing to human resource to engineering, academicians(teachers, researchers and students) who need to analyze data, farmers, scientists or the regular household. Pretty much anybody who uses Spreadsheets.

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