Ensureing The Success Of Digital Business

ENSURING THE SUCCESS OF DIGITAL BUSINESS Today, every business is a digital business. Organizations are undergoing a radical transformation as they implement a digital business strategy, looking to align new technology with the dynamic needs of each business unit. As the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds continue to blur, companies need to ensure that end-to-end business processes, which can traverse dozens of applications, perform as designed. In this rapidly changing application landscape, old methods of technology management are no longer feasible. Business process maps that are 3 months old are outdated, and manual tests to ensure transactions are performing correctly are too time consuming to complete every time there is a technology change. A successful digital business requires automation.



Worksoft automates business process discovery and validation to ensure companies are ready to conduct commerce even in the face of unprecedented change. Specifcally, Worksoft helps companies: § Achieve the highest level of quality in business execution by automatically validating business processes on a daily basis, and identifying defects before they enter production. § Save time and money by automatically discovering paths that form an endto-end business process, across any packaged or customized enterprise software application deployed on premise, in a hybrid cloud, or on mobile platforms. § Eliminate the time, cost, and ef ort of manual processes in quality assurance, functional testing, documentation, analytics, and compliance. § Accelerate technology innovation and shorten project timelines with confdence the business will stay up and running.

Advantages :

  • A track record of success, with adoption by300 large-scale enterprises worldwide
  • Ensures quality across all packagedapplications including Oracle, Salesforce,SAP, TeamCenter, Manhattan, and manyothers
  • The only automation company focused onend-to-end business processes
  • Enables very high levels of automation –validate greater than 80% of your criticalbusiness processes
  • Covers all technologies, including web,hybrid cloud, big data, custom, mainframe,and mobile devices
  • Easy to use, no programming or scriptingrequired
  • Fastest time-to-value of automationsolutions, with returns typically in 90-days
  • Rapidly delivers cost savings, improvedbusiness process quality, faster projects,and increased business agility Our Practices focused on Prepare, design and Enable for the long term success of worksoft tool.