| Custom Reporting
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Custom Reporting

Although the OAKSTON Technologies¬† platform can be enhanced with Technologies and Analyze for advanced visualization and analysis, there may be special requirements for additional reporting capabilities. In the case where custom reports are required, OAKSTON’s professional services team can develop these to suit any user group.

For instance, we can create:

Business Users Summary Reports
Current and historical usage-based cost-allocations
Customized look and feel
Minimum training and software required
Self-service view to understand IT usage and cost data
Data Analytics Reports
Historical trending, baselining and anomaly detection reports
Customized look and feel
Geared towards IT Finance and Capacity Planners
Identify cost-savings opportunities or anomalous business use
Additionally, OAKSTON Technologies’s professional services team can work to create a Portal, including a variety of usage and cost reports, for simplified visualization to support further analysis.
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