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Our Vision

To transform the healthcare industry by providing solutions with leading-edge technologies that enable collaboration among its stakeholders by empowering them to make informed decisions.

The Healthcare Industry today

The last decade has spearheaded a revolution in the healthcare industry. Providers, Payers and Government Bodies are now focusing on improvised business processes, reduction of costs, and above all, on being more customer-centric. Hence, interoperability across healthcare organizations is important and it can be achieved by collaborative sharing of information by all. The aim is to improve patient care, safety and quality.

The healthcare industries’ priority today is to:

To reduce medical errors
To promote patient safety
To upgrade security
To be HIPAA compliant
To upgrade inpatient clinical systems
To implement wireless systems
To redesign processes and workflow
To connecting hospitals to remote locations
To implement EMR

OAKSTON Technologies Offerings

OAKSTON Technologies has enabled healthcare organizations to achieve their goals by implementing various IT solutions that are effective in the following ways:

Saving money and improving quality
Streamlining operations
Improving revenue cycles
Increasing collaboration with all the stakeholders
Reduce medical errors
Increasing speed and distributing access to medical information
Meeting all regulatory compliance criteria


Today, Healthcare Providers are constantly being challenged by legislative and regulatory mandates, concerns about patient safety and difficulty in accessing enormous data. That is why they need solutions that will enable them to optimize resource utilization, improve clinical processes, increase revenue and control costs. What’s more, the delivery of healthcare is fast becoming digitized and Providers need to adopt technologies that will improve patient care decision-making while reducing medical errors.

Product Competency
Implementation & Support of Packaged Application Systems

OAKSTON Technologies Healthcare has built significant competency in the provider area and has helped healthcare provider organizations in implementing packaged application systems, thereby streamlining provider’s clinical, financial and technical operations. Such solutions have always delivered providers a measurable performance improvement and real results in areas like clinical consulting, information systems implementations. This has also helped provider organizations to improve patient safety, care delivery and reduce cost of operations.

Enterprise Systems and Industry Advisory Services

OAKSTON Technologies extensive global expertise in providing technology services and industry support is enhanced by the comprehensive domain knowledge from the healthcare industry. The talent available in the Healthcare & Life Sciences vertical is in the diverse market segments that services the entire health care delivery network. The healthcare practice is rich in international exposure across varied delivery models.