| Integration Services
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Integration Services

OAKSTON Technologies specializes in providing integration services that improve our clients’ business efficiency and profitability by integrating Web applications with their core business systems. Our goal is to help our clients enrich all of their business relationships.

We take a holistic approach when linking our customers’ Web-based front-end, client-facing technologies with the rest of their business applications, analyzing the entire organization. This type of integration work requires an understanding of business processes and legacy system technology, deep traditional application development, a breadth of knowledge across disparate software and platforms, and outstanding technical and architectural skills.

The end result is a “big picture” information strategy that maximizes speed, effectiveness and efficiency across the entire organization, ultimately reducing costs and improving revenue generation.

Our integration services include:

Web-To-Enterprise Integration and Traditional e-business Services
OAKSTON Technologies has been integrating Web applications with core business systems since the infancy of the Web. We call it Web-to-Enterprise Integration, and it’s what we do best.

Web-to-Enterprise Integration requires an understanding of business and legacy systems, deep traditional application development, a breadth of knowledge across disparate software and platforms, and outstanding technical and architectural skills. We look at the big picture and the potential for leveraging CRM, ERP, and SCM in order to create an integrated Web-based business and technology strategy. In other words, we get the job done from the inside out.

Our goal is to help our clients improve efficiency, build stronger business relationships, expedite key decisions, and enrich customer relationships. The result: an information strategy that reduces costs and creates improved revenue generation opportunities for your organization.

Service Component Architecture (SCA) Framework for SOA

This solution is an integrated framework of Service Component Architecture (SCA) components designed to speed the development of an SOA. The solution enables rapid SOA development and deployment. As an SCA implementation, the solution components are easily reused, use local calls to reduce overhead, decouple service implementation assembly from the infrastructure and platform details, and works with various messaging constructs.

Document Management

Invaluable business information lies within the millions of documents your company has received, generated and filed away over the years — pieces of paper containing everything from customer account information to business reports to contracts to market analyses and more. But the sheer volume of this unstructured information makes it difficult to manage and organize in a meaningful way, let alone extract the kind of valuable information you need to be more efficient and effective with customers and partners. And, there’s a considerable amount of knowledge stored in the brains of your employees that never gets captured in the first place. That information leaves the office when they do.