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Life Sciences

Our Vision

To make a strong bio-computing commitment by offering solutions to our customers and to help them optimize the Molecule to Market value chain.

Life Sciences – Industry Focus

In today’s life sciences industry, ‘ADAPTABILITY TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCY, RESULTING IN HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY’ is the only solution for survival and growth. With increasing pressure to discover and develop newer molecules, the industry aims at speedier methods to reduce costs.
Key Challenges Confronting Life Sciences Industry
Increasing pressure to discover and develop new chemical entities to strengthen the drying product pipelines
Cost implications in development process
Long duration of clinical trials – paper based trials add further complexity to issues related to cost, query resolution and patient data security
Stringent FDA regulations requiring standardization
The solution to these issues lies in adapting technological innovation through automation of key business processes. At OAKSTON Technologies, we focus primarily on
Pharmaceutical industry
Biotechnology industry


We provide cutting edge technology support and a range of solutions for tackling the issues of automation and interoperability amongst disparate systems.
With extensive domain knowledge and thorough technical expertise, complete answers are ensured to every customer’s needs.

Pharma Analytics Services

With the combined strength of our analytics experts and the domain consultants, we offer a gamut of analytics services to the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


To manage health related disorders better, customary drug research has penetrated the biotech space in areas such as synthesis and manipulation of gene and its products. It transforms the therapeutic products from pharmaceutical drugs to recombinant biological. It is important to discover and develop new therapies to meet strenuous medical challenges.
To discover contemporary remedies, it requires the support from computational biology and chemistry, genomics and proteomics to confirm and recognize drug targets.

Enterprise Systems and Industry Advisory Services

OAKSTON’s extensive global expertise in providing technology services and industry support is enhanced by the comprehensive domain knowledge from the healthcare industry. The talent available in the Healthcare & Life Sciences vertical is in the diverse market segments that services the entire health care delivery network. The healthcare practice is rich in international exposure across varied delivery models.